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KETO Trusted by Doctors Worldwide

Dr Terry Wahls Dr Terry Wahls

"Humans went into ketosis every winter for thousands of generations. Being in a low level of ketosis is the more natural state for our metabolism."

Dr. Jay Wortman Dr. Jay Wortman

"I very quickly discovered that the elimination of carbs was dramatically reversing all the signs and symptoms of my type 2 diabetes. I am not aware of any serious adverse effects of long-term nutritional ketosis"

What You'll Discover 

The #1 Reason Why Diets Fail

If you're trying to eat less or restrict the quantity of food on your plate, you're doing it wrong! We'll show you how to succeed where others fail

How to Cheat Your Way Thin Even If You Love Carbs

You know carbs are tasty but evil. The good news is that you can eat Keto Ice-cream, Chocolate, Pizza, Lasagna, Tiramisu and Hamburgers on this program and still burn fat 24/7.

How the DARPA Accidentally Discovered the Keto Diet

The US DARPA spent more than $2,000,000 a year to investigate the ketogenic diet for their pilots to improve their brains and bodies. We spill the beans on their findings!

Delicious Desserts & Snacks That Melt More Fat Than a Salad

We'll give you crowd-favorite tasty keto recipes to start burning fat today. Together with your essential Shopping List and the Three Biggest Mistakes when going Keto.

KETO Diet in the News

What do the doctors say about Keto? A fat foodie's Keto journey

Evansville Courier Press
Published 11:00 PM EST Feb 17, 2019

Aimee Blume Left to right: Before Keto diet;
after Keto diet provided

"I Lost 120 Pounds On The Keto Diet And Got My Blood Sugar In Check"

Best Decision
By Ashley Jagla as told to Aryelle Soclait
Feb 15, 2019

Ashley Jagla Left to right: Before Keto diet;
after Keto diet provided

The Keto Craze Is Hitting The Mainstream

Keto is Blowing UP!
By Danielle Wiener-bronner
Sept 17, 2019 2:58 PM ET

Danielle Left to right: Before Keto diet;
after Keto diet provided

"I Lost 230 pounds On The Keto Diet And Got Stronger Than Ever"

Just in 14 Months
By Noelle Dawson as told to Aryelle Soclait
Feb 11, 2019

Noelle Dawson Left to right: Before Keto diet;
after Keto diet provided

More Than a "Fad Diet", Keto Is Quickly Becoming a Lifestyle

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