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How can I change my mind

Products designed with you in mind

Change my mind…If you cannot put your finger on your life, are you felling blue? You haven’t defined your goals in life yet, you haven’t found meaning in life. Or you know someone who’s stuck in his life because of their fears. We can help you.

Dedicated and exclusive content

Our combos are designed so that you can overcome your fears and obstacles that are in your mind

Quality content and applicable to your daily life

Action guides, check lists and exercises to put into practice what you have learned.

Deep changes practicing what you have learned

When you acquire one of our combos, you have in your power the unique opportunity to become who you have always wanted to be.

Change my mind= Change my life


Be Happy

When you find that happiness is a state within you and not a destiny or a goal, you will have understood everything.
Being happy depends on no one but yourself.
What is it that doesn't allow you to be happy?

Combos Change my mind

Our products are developed in the following areas

  • Self-discipline
  • Self- help
  • Self- Esteem
  • Overcome shyness
  • Success Mindset

Now find out how we can help you

A solution for every problem

Combo "The Disciplined Mind"

Designed for those who have problems to have positive habits and adopt them in their daily life for lack of self-discipline. Also designed for those who seek to improve their discipline techniques to achieve better results in their daily lives.

At the end of the reading and doing the exercises included, you will have an iron discipline able to help you reach any goal or objective that you propose.

Remember, the discipline is not only used to lose weight or exercise, you use it every day to do your activities.


Included in the combo

  • Training Guide- The Disciplined Mind- Ebook pdf format
  • Cheat Sheet- With all the answers and steps to follow to put into practice what you have learned
  • Mind Map- Why aren't all people disciplined? ¿What are the consequences?
  • Resource Sheet- worksheets where you will write your notes
Change my mind

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Combo "Improves your Self-Esteem"

Aimed at people lacking confidence and self-confidence for various reasons: lack of self-esteem, lack of security, fears or resentment, to help them regain their self-esteem and manage to take control of their lives again and achieve what they set out to achieve.

Here are 10 audio parts in this pack:

  1. 5 Simple Tips to Grow your Self-Esteem
  2. For Higher Levels of Self-Esteem, Honesty Is the Best Policy
  3. High Self-Esteem Boosts Self-Confidence and Expands Your Life Experience
  4. The Self-Esteem-Boosting Diet
  5. Use Daily Affirmations to Crank up Your Self-Esteem
  6. What Is Self-Esteem and Why Is It Important to Improve Yours?
  7. Why Judgement of Yourself and Others is Killing Your Self-Esteem
  8. Why You Need to Act Like a Kid for Better Self-Esteem
  9. Why Your Self-Esteem Is Low … and What to Do About It
  10. Your Computer Chair is Killing Your Self-Esteem

Remember, the biggest negotiation in your life is not with your clients or your boss, it’s with yourself. How much do you love yourself? The answer will determine your success in life


Included in the combo​

  • Ebook " Grow your self esteem" pdf format
  • 10 audios to "Grow your self esteem" in mp3 format
  • 5 Simples Tips to "Grow your self-esteem"

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Change my mind

Don’t wait any longer, increase your self-esteem now

Combo "Overcoming Shyness"

Do you know the difference between an introverted person and a shy person? Do you identify with anyone?
Overcoming Shyness is a product aimed at people who find it hard to socialize or make friends easily, talk in meetings, use the right words and be assertive.
There are 10 audio parts in this pack talking about overcoming shyness!

Followings are the topics :

  1. Five Steps to Overcoming Shyness
  2. Ten Techniques to Move from Shy to Self Confident
  3. Am I Shy or Just an Introvert?
  4. Cure Shyness Once and For All with Hypnotherapy
  5. Four Ways to Stop Shyness from Holding You Back from Life
  6. Highly Sensitive Person or Shy?
  7. How Practicing Mindfulness Can Help You Overcome Your Shyness
  8. Six Tips for Overcoming Shyness
  9. The Difference Between Shyness and Social Anxiety Disorder
  10. Three Possible Reasons for Shyness

Included in the combo

  • Ebook "Overcoming Shyness" pdf format
  • 10 audios to "Overcoming Shyness" in mp3 format
  • 5 simples Tips to " Overcoming Shyness"
Change my mind

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Combo "Daily Affirms to change your life"

With the help of positive affirmations, anyone can improve their mindset and start manifesting their desires and being living a life they’ve always dreamed of.

It´s incredibly powerful tool that you can use to change the way you think and gain the following benefits:

1) Enjoy an increase in your overall confidence for your abilities to get what you want.

2) You can become more aware of your daily thoughts, which can help to reduce negative feelings.

3) A more open heart that allows you to dream big.

4) Enjoy increased energy levels and face your days without fear of challenges.

5) Program your subconscious mind and develop positive actions to help you reach your goals.

If you’re like many people, you may be unsure of how to get started with incorporating daily positive affirmations into your life so you can manifest all that you desire, handbook Daily Affirmation is for yo

change my mind

Included in the combo.

  • Ebook " Daily Affirms to change your life" pdf format
  • A check list Format to work pdf format
  • Resource cheat sheet additional information sources, readings and videos pdf format
  • Lead Magnet- "How to use affirmations to attrack your desires" pdf format
  • Mind Map- Daily Affirms pdf format

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With 365 daily affirmations to practice every day

Combo "101 Self-Help Tips"

Following the tips and advice in this handbook will provide you with all the tools you need to find your motivation and reach your goals.

Here are just some of the many benefits you’ll gain when you finally find your motivation.

*You’ll find the motivation you need to drive yourself forward to accomplish your goals and change your life.

*You’ll become more self-disciplined to lead a more successful life and accomplish whatever you put your mind to.

*You’ll develop your time management skills, so you have the time to do what you want and accomplish all your goals.

*You’ll learn how to change your negative thoughts into positive ones, which will give you the best shot at staying motivated.

*You’ll learn how to set attainable goals that will allow you to stay motivated and encourage you to accomplish all your goals.

*And much, much more

Change my mind

Included in the combo

  • Ebook Guide "101 Self-Help Tips"
  • Point by point Check List
  • Ebook "5 Ways to become a more positive thinker"




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Why should you buy a combo?


If you’ve already seen the combos but haven’t decided to buy one yet, let me tell you that you may be missing out on one of the best investments in your life: investing in yourself.

There’s nothing better than investing in personal development and self-improvement, because it’s you who can sabotage yourself or on the contrary, help you achieve what you want.
In addition, all our products have 30 days satisfaction guarantee, if you are not happy with any of them just write us and we will return your money, you have nothing to lose and much to gain.
It’s the best investment of your life, what are you waiting for?

Frequently asked questions

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Our combos are specially designed for anyone seeking personal growth, overcoming a defect or being the best version of themselves.
Remember that the greatest negotiation in life is with yourself, so it is highly recommended that you be the best version of yourself, with our help you will achieve it.

Of course, our combos have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.
You will find more information by clicking on the combo of your choice.

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¿Why must I change my mind?

Because you want to be A better Person

Our purpose as human beings is to transcend and achieve a change in ourselves, not in others and not there outside, we must understand that all origin of change is in ourselves. What happens to us is a consequence of our mentality, and unfortunately no one taught us to control our mind to make the most out of it.

Change my mind please, I need it