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 A REAL solution to anxiety

Finally, you have come to the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME for you.

Do you suffer from Panic Attacks, General Anxiety Disorder or Social Anxiety? Do you believe that there is no REAL cure? The good news is that you can set yourself free from your anxiety problem with my method. It is TOTALLY different from what you would encounter at the usual therapy or counselling strategies for dealing with anxiety. 


WHY the mind creates anxiety

In a nutshell, the mind creates the fight or flight response to protect us from a perceived danger. The problem is that there is no REAL danger, the CONTEXT resembles a threatening situation from the past

The body produces a surge of adrenalin to assist you to fight or flee, the physical symptoms you feel are the bodily changes necessary to give you maximum strength. Your heart pumps more blood, your breathing speeds up, blood is withdrawn from your internal organs and your head as it rushes to your arms and legs. All this creates the unpleasant sensation of anxiety.

Any thought, situation, place, time, sensory cue, etc that broadly resembles an experience of danger from the past can trigger the fight or flight response. The "danger" can be either a physical or emotional threat. Breaking the link between the present CONTEXT and the original threatening experience is the ONLY true solution to the problem - you must desensitize your mind to the CONTEXT. This is what my online program can help you to do. All medication and conventional therapy can do are help you "manage" the symptoms of anxiety, you are still creating anxiety. HERE is a link to more detailed information about the creation of anxiety.


A life-changing programme

A UNIQUE combination of CBT, NLP, mindfulness, and hypnosis.

It deals with the problem BOTH at a conscious and subconscious level. This is a how-to-do program to break the cycle of anxiety, You will discover WHY and HOW you have created the problem. You will be given the tools to quickly achieve a sense of control.

> No more INAPPROPRIATE fear.
> A SOLUTION to anxiety not reassurance like conventional therapy.
> Return to NORMAL emotional responses.
> Instantly switch OFF panic.

The Programme

This programme is a digital download for instant access.

The E-book.
Here you get the strategies on how to break free from your anxiety problem.

The Video.
The CORE strategies to help you break free from anxiety.

3 Audios
This is a closed-eyes, hypnosis process where I communicate directly with your emotional mind to create new automatic responses.

Audio 1. Embrace adrenalin. This is to help you NOT to be scared of the physical symptoms of anxiety.
Audio 2. The Safety Switch. This is a POWERFUL technique to quickly establish a feeling of SAFETY. This safety switch trigger can remind your brain that you are safe and help you switch off the anxiety as soon as you notice it beginning before it intensifies and become more powerful.
Audio 3. Unwind - release tension. Anxiety causes the body to be in a physically stressed state from the ongoing high level of adrenalin release, this audio can help release this tension. A high level of adrenalin in the body can cause sleep problems (tired but wired) and other daily difficulties.


What people say about the programme

"Anxiety consumed me, I was almost suicidal thinking as I thought I would have to live the rest of my life with panic attacks. The program was a Godsend, it didn't just change my life, it probably saved my life. I had tried therapies and medication without any success, I thought nothing could help but I was wrong. Thanks to the program I have my life back again." Mary Moran.

"I struggled badly with panic attacks until I got the Freedom From Anxiety program. I was also ashamed because I thought I had a mental problem, I now know that anxiety is a behaviour problem and happy to speak about it. Please, don't keep suffering as I did. You can be helped, one-day suffering is too long" Joan Peters.

"My life was misery for so long with anxiety having tried everything without success. I stumbled on the Freedom From Anxiety program and that was a turning point in my life. It is great to have my old life back again. Get the program, it can be one of the best decisions you will ever make." Georgina Grant.

The Program Creator

Hi, my name is Michael McGuinness and I am an experienced anxiety coach and clinical hypnotherapist almost thirty years of experience. I am the creator of this life-changing online anxiety program. It is the online version of my highly-successful in-clinic "Fast Anxiety Solution Program". More about me HERE.

My private one-to-one clients pay 100 per session for the program but I am giving you my entire programme for 50% the price of a single-one-to-one session. The program is priceless when it transforms an anxiety sufferer's life.

Your investment to live FREE from anxiety is ONLY €49.95.